48 V DC/AC inverter Telecom systems 1 kVA - 27 kVA

Powernet DAC60000 dual series

inverter_custom2 Powernet program of modular Inverters intended for Telecom applications, using 48 V or 60 V battery supply. The inverter system can be dimensioned from redundant N+1 system 1500 VA up to 27 kVA. The system can be fed mainly from the grid and via a AC/AC static switch switch over to battery supply without delay. Additional modules for fuse distribution is also available. The system is modular and pluggable. The system can be remotely status monitored locally or via Internet.

inverter dual

Double inverter module in 19" 1.5U
with 2 pcs DAC62434FR.
Those are base models for desingning Telecom system solutions.


inverter_custom inverter_custom_rear inverter_custom2
7500 VA Inverter system with
Static switch, Manuel switch
2 x 100 A common DC 48 V input
40 A DC MCBs for each modulel
7500 VA Inverter system
View over back panel
4500 VA Inverter system with
3 x ADU68130 19" 1.5U subrack
3 x 1500VA Inverter system with
18 x AC outputs MCBs



  • One stackable 1,5U 19"-rack unit 3 kVA
  • Two 19"- rack modules makes 6 kVA in a 3U 19"-rack unit
  • System power from 1 kVA to 27 kVA
  • 48/60Vd.c. input, 115/230 Va.c. output
  • Moduls can be parallel connected
  • Redundant N+1 system
  • Can be grid fed using a static switch or direct from battery.
  • Static switches 7.5 kVA or 30 kVA
  • Software for remote status control
  • Practical MTBF better than  600 000 h


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