AC/AC static switch and by-pass

Powernet MBP

mbp68200 by-passAn AC/AC UPS system uses mainly power directly from the public grid. The DC-AC Inverter system are fed from the battery and are in stand-by mode. At grid power loss the static switch moves the load smoothly from the public grid to the the Inverters that gives full power within some milli seconds.

Powernet 7.5kVA or 30 kVA static switch

An UPS system using static Switches uses mostly the grid supply in normal operation. The Inverters are switched on and in stand-by mode. When a grid voltage dip or failure occurs the Inverters are emidiately supplying the AC voltage from the battery.  The Static Switch provide a smouth and safe switch-over from Grid to Battery and vice versa.
A system can be remotely monitored and controlled which mode that shall operate. An manual switch over can also be provided used att battery service conditions.

7.5kVA static switch 1.5U 19"-rack unit with manual switch and 3 distribution fuses
30kVA static switch with manual switch, 3U 19"-rack unit



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