Module or systems 600 - 27 kVA

We provide high performance DC/AC inverter solutions from 1 kVA to 30 kVA. The Powernet AC-DC Inverter and systems are intended to be used in fixed locations like telecom- and power plants, solarcell systems, heavy industry and train side applications. They are not intended for mobile applications.

DC-AC Inverter modules 800 - 1500 W


The DC-AC Inverters are available with inputs 24, 48/60, 110/125 and 220 Vd.c. supplying a programmable 230 Va.c. 50 Hz. Three phase 400 Va.c. systems can be achieved with minimum 3 base modules.inverter system Three different base modules are available:

  1. 14 TE plug-in module in a 6U 19"-sub rack system, according to the photo here on the right side.
  2. Stand alone module that can be mounted on wall or mounted as a 19"-rack 2U unit, see below Configurations.
  3. 1.5U 19"-rack plug-in modules for 48 V telecom stations.
  4. All those configuration can bed equiped with both automatic and manual by-pass (Static Switch) as well as AC distribution fuses.
  5. Tre phase systems
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48 V DC/AC inverter Telecom systems 1 kVA - 27 kVA

Powernet DAC60000 dual series

inverter_custom2 Powernet program of modular Inverters intended for Telecom applications, using 48 V or 60 V battery supply. The inverter system can be dimensioned from redundant N+1 system 1500 VA up to 27 kVA. The system can be fed mainly from the grid and via a AC/AC static switch switch over to battery supply without delay. Additional modules for fuse distribution is also available. The system is modular and pluggable. The system can be remotely status monitored locally or via Internet.

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DC/AC Inverters, system configurations

One or three phase systems

3-phase-smallOne Inverter module supplies between 1000 to 1500 VA or 600 W to 1200 W. By parallel connecting several units, systems up to 27 kVA with single or three phase outputs.  The DC-AC Inverters are available with inputs 24, 48/60, 110/125 and 220 Vd.c.

A 6U 19"-sub rack unit can consist of 6 modules. They can be 1 - 6  DAC62xxxVF Invertrer, one  6 kVA by-pass module and a manual switch with 3 distribution outputs. The system can be remote controlled and status checked via Internet. A redundant system with N+1 redundancy can be configured.

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AC/AC static switch and by-pass

Powernet MBP

mbp68200 by-passAn AC/AC UPS system uses mainly power directly from the public grid. The DC-AC Inverter system are fed from the battery and are in stand-by mode. At grid power loss the static switch moves the load smoothly from the public grid to the the Inverters that gives full power within some milli seconds.

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