AC/DC Power supplies and laboratory bench Power supplies

Laboratory/Bench Power supplies 150 W to 6 kW

SM800 series The bench labboratory PSUs has excellent performance, which is summerised by:
My silent labb Buddy!
Short delivery time, options for computer interfaces, built-in load to handle motor drive test or fast load dumping in ATM systems, faster regulation to mention some.

Convection cooled Power supplies 5 W to 1200 W 

PSE250Euro format 5W to 280W 3HE and 6 HE 1, 2, 3 output voltages
Free standing units 5 W to 1200 W
Polyamp AC/DC power supplies are rated -25 till +70°C operating temperature and can be used as plug-in power module.

Fan cooled AC DC power supplies 800 W to 3000 W 

ADC4370_ADC7520_ADC7480Self standing units 800W to 3000W, programmable, battery charger and other features.
Self standing units for train and underground 600W to 3000 W 2 and 3 phase models.
Redundant Secure N+1 systems also for military applications.

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