Environment and electronics is a popular combination. We describe the latest regarding the directives.

Conflict Minerals

US companies listed on the stock market must according to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 - report their content and avoidance of so called Conflict minerals. Polyamp is by this definition not directly affected; however as a sub supplier downstream in the supplier chain we get such demand.

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RoHS and lead free soldering

The RoHS directive is today well known and set limits of use of certain materials in electronic products. The main issue is the lead free soldering. Polyamp has well before the implementing date used what is called RoHS components and circuit boards.
The RoHS directive is getting hot again as it is reviced and called RoHS-2. Click on read more below to get more detailed information on the new directive.

All our standard products are RoHS-2 compatible.

We have however still a lead solder line open for mainly customers in the defence sector.


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Do REACH and SVHC affect Polyamp?

REACH is a directive that since 2008, demands control of the use of chemicals within the EU.
Polyamp is not regarded as a producer of any chemical and has therefore not pre registered anything. We have gone thru all our safety datasheet and communicated with our suppliers.

The list of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) which is continuosly updated since October 2008 are study those list regurlary to make a risk analyse  in order to asses if any reportable quantities can be found in our products. Download a REACH Declaration.
We describe more with useful links, click on read more below.

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Does the EUP directive concern us?

The Eco design Directive 2009/125/EC is a frame directive that sets demand on ECO design on ErP (Energy related Products). According to the directive a manufacturer is not affected until an Implementing measure is published affecting his product group. Then those ECO design criterias are base for the CE-mark and energy marking. Product analyses are runned within EU to judge which products need ECO design criterias. At the moment energy efficiency is the focus. Big savings in energy can be done using state of the art technology in many sectors of the industry.
Please read more about EUP and power supplies.

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WEEE and electronic recycling

On consumer goods it exist a recycle system where the consumer can "free of charge" dump there electronic waste or EEE (electric- and electronic equipments). The WEEE directive demands manufacturers that set products to the market to report sales statistics to the authorities.
In Sweden  its  Swedish Environmental Protection Agency-Naturvårdsverket that handles this directive. El-Kretsen is one organisation that handles WEEE logistics and the insurance, they also handles the battery directive.

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