Fire and smoke DC/DC converter

How can a standard DC/DC converter meet the Smoke and Fire standards?

fire-smoke The purpose of EN 45545 is that train coaches are designed in such a way that passengers have enough time to evacuate in case of emergency. EN 45545 regulates all fire safety aspects for railway vehicle and defines three requirement levels (hazard level), depending on the type and area of operations, whereas HL3 stands for the highest level. The so far national fire safety specifications for the railway industry were being supplemented by the new European Fire Safety Standard EN 45545.

The obvious solution is to put all electronics into fire enclosures, which however is not always possible. One key aspect for Polyamp’s product success is that we use a more expensive, but extremely solid aluminum case to protect their DC/DC converters. This ensures not only very good cooling, but also high mechanical stability, protection against dust and excellent EMC performance. Thanks to this product concept Polyamp’s engineers realized the fulfillment of EN 45545 within short time with only small modifications.

Additional information: The 30 to 500 W units fall in the category of “non listed product” < 100 g of EN 45545-2. The connector is less than 20 g and approved NFF16 101/102 and thus also meeting UNI CEI 1170, DIN5510 Class III, BS 6183.

Following film shows an demonstration, duration 57 seconds.

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