3300 W labb power supply 1 & 3 phase input

New! SM3300-series

3300 W 19"-rack or bench power supply with low noise, accurate and very stable. Built in programming via Ethernet and possibilities of download sequences and settings from USB. The unit has a low noise temperature regulated fan cooling. Is only 2U high and stackable that permits compact high power designs. A smart input handles 180 - 528 Va.c. 1 phase and 3 phase.

Models & Data


  • Compact 3000 - 3900 W as 19” 2U and bench power supply
  • Most models has an autoranging output with two voltage/current ranges
  • Very low current and voltage ripple
  • High stability on voltage and current regulation 6 10-5 - 9 10-5
  • Two speed potentiometers 1 turn fast adjustment and 64 turns slow/accurate adjustment
  • Ethernet control, built in sequence programming.
  • Local settings can be copied/changed as well as sequences via the USB port.
  • Optional plug-in boards in 4 independent slots:
    • Insulation amplifier
    • CAN buss- or PROFIBUS controller
    • Serial controller that handles RS232, RS485, RS422 and USB.
    • Analog control with master slave connection
  • Input for Interlock / Emergency stop is standard.
  • Intelligent fan control minimizes the audible noise - silent cooling
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Meets CE-demand on both laboratory and industrial environments
  • High Speed Programming versions available for ATE, Laser Diodes
  • Power Sink Option: 2 Quadrant operation for PWM motor testing or fast down programming in ATE systems
  • The "power sink" option is an active load that absorbs part of the kick-back energy when a inductive load like a motor is braking or you want to make a fast down load in ATE systems.


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