Anders AbergI'm Anders Åberg designer of DC/DC converters. We here give our view on some specifications and also how we specify our DC/DC converters.
Please contact us if you have other questions.

Maintenance on DC/DC converters
What does free standing CE mark say?
1E Nuclear Power plant certification
Repair / RMA number
Remote sense
Product standards
Installation problems
EMC data?
How to load / How to cool?
Why there are no input fuses?
Reverse voltage protection
Master slave how does it work?
Shall I fuse my equipment?
PC15, PC30, PC40, PC50, PC70, PC80, PC100
Hold-up time on DC inputs?
How to blow a fuse with DC/DC converter or Power supply
What does the CE mark stand for?
Which fuse on input shall I use?
Ripple and noise
No load power and Stand-by power?
Parallel connection of PSU and DC/DC converters
Ambient temperature and output power
Input voltages ranges for vehicles and railway applications
How does the current limit work?


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